From Management's Desk

We are standing on the verge of an era where permanency would be a pre-historic phenomenon and staffing especially Flexi-staffing would control the rein of employment. We are a part of 2.1 million staffing industry, which would employ 2.9 million by 2018 and this would rank India as 3rd largest globally but still we are trailing behind countries like USA & China by an average of 10 million in spite of being the youngest nation with huge working age population.

So we decided to bridge this gap by strengthening our recruitment and staffing wings with a pledge to create an ecosystem that provides flexibility, administrative efficiencies and flawless statutory compliance for corporate houses to focus and expand their business. In any organization we keep discussing on improving our peers and team members on certain behavioural& business skills and this discussion becomes quite dominant when we lose business to our competitors. So primarily we should identify the training requirements through proper TNA and start empowering the team accordingly. Herein we are supporting our clients with a unique process that is Stressing not only on need based training modules but also proper assessment & feedback system, which helps the clients to understand the holistic improvement of their employees.

Thanks to corporate India who have given us the opportunities to cater and have been supporting us throughout this journey to emerge as their trusted solution provider.

Our Mission

To provide time bound quality staffing, recruitment and training services to our clients & candidates.

Our Vision

To be the most admired and trusted corporate solutions provider.